There's a big meat sign with 12 arrows! This is only to see a sign to earn more than 100000, just a sign to earn 290000!

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make new profits!

From July 20 to July 24, another 12 new shares were arranged to be issued. Among them, ophthalmology and medical shares of Yanmen were even more popular. The first lot was regarded as a big piece of meat making 100000 yuan. Recently, the new stock profit burst, Kanghua biological set a record of 290000.

In detail, there are 12 new shares, three each day from Monday (July 20) to Thursday (July 23). Among them, 6 are science and technology innovation board, 4 are Shanghai stock market main board, and 2 are medium and young board stocks. After sending away 32, no new shares have been issued in the selected layer of the new third board this week.

12 new shares are coming: among the 12 new shares of

which are expected to earn 100000 shares, it is particularly worth paying attention to whether the kuaishan online platform, which is issued on Monday, is legal, and the issue price is 33.55 yuan. Is the first sign of the science and Technology Innovation Board 500 shares, and the amount of the first lot is 1 68 thousand yuan. Recently, the first day of the scientific and technological innovation board has been astonishing. If the first day's increase reaches 600%, it will earn 100000 yuan.

The medical stocks of

are the Yanmen plate of this year, while the ophthalmology related Aier ophthalmology and Xingqi eye medicine are all big bull stocks. Since 2019, Xingqi eye medicine has increased by 983%, nearly 10 times. Moreover, the total number of shares of the initial shares of likebo medical is only 26.29 million shares, which is not big around.

with the development and production of independent and innovative cataract intraocular lens as the starting point, we are now developing a full range of ophthalmic medical products, including implantable ophthalmic consumables, surgical instruments, surgical equipment, optometry products, ophthalmic drugs and other series of products, covering the white internal barrier, glaucoma, optometry and so on, which is the innovation leader around ophthalmic medicine in China Enterprises.

Recently, the new shares of the science and technology innovation board have increased by an astonishing 1000%

. Recently, the new shares of the science and technology innovation board have been booming. GuoDun quantum, which was listed on July 9, soared 1000% in the intraday, and still rose 924% at the end of the day. The investors in the winning lots made a lot of money, making a profit of 180000 yuan.

After another securities company has issued

BOC securities and China Thailand securities, new shares of securities companies are coming. Guolian securities will be issued on Tuesday, July 21. After the recent uprising of securities companies, whether the new shares of Guolian securities will break out is also worthy of attention.

Guolian securities is a securities company in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, and has set up strategic organizations in Jiangsu Province and other regions of China. It has been listed in Hong Kong stock market before. Now it returns to a share and will become the 39th brokerage stock of a share.

from the perspective of external performance, from 2016 to 2018, the company's net income has been declining for three years year-on-year, and this trend will not be reversed until 2019; in the first half of 2020, the company's net income is expected to be 313-361 million yuan, with a turning range of - 12.16% to 1.31% compared with the same period of last year.

(5} new stock profit performance: a lot of new shares have made 290000

. Recently, the new shares have been making a lot of profits, with 100000 and 200000 making a lot of new shares. Kanghua biology and Ganli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of biological medicine have made 290000 and 200000 respectively. GuoDun quantum, sanrenzuo, Yunyong technology, Wantai biology and others also made more than 100000 yuan in a single signing, while China Dun quantum and Yunyong technology are only science and technology innovation board.

(source: China Fund News)

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